The registration of ARCC; the early phases of the construction of the facility; elements of the rhino protection programme and of the rural community participation project, have all been made possible by generous donations from the Lion Roars Foundation and MediVet (UK).

While ARCC anticipates establishing a programme of services that will help raise funds to reduce reliance on donor funding, donors and donor funding will always be a significant factor in the achievement of the objective of securing the future of rhino in the wild.

The nature of the ARCCs collaboration and coordination effort means that a consistent flow of funds is required to maintain continuity. There is also an ongoing need to source funding for specific protection, awareness, community and rhino management projects.

To contribute to the ARCC Community Rhino Fund : addabit.com/fund/J5hx8hKk

To Contribute to the ARCC Aquaponics Projectaddabit.com/fund/aqua.2.arcc 

To Contribute to the Anti-Poaching operations addabit.com/fund/1mo34irp8V

To Contribute to the Eye-in-the-Sky program : addabit.com/fund/1mo39Gc4hb

To Contribute to the General Administration Fundaddabit.com/fund/1mo3DqgzCj

ARCC is a registered Public Benefit Organisation  PBO no. 930058765 under section 30(3) of the Income Tax Act no. 58 of 1962

Donations made to this PBO are exempt from donations Tax in terms of section 56(1)(h) of the Income Tax Act

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