The ARCC is assisting the private and State wildlife reserves of the Eastern Cape to become a series of cooperating Intensive Protection Zones (IPZs) by enhancing their security measures through investment in :

  • additional, professionally trained manpower;
  • basic transport and field operations equipment, from vehicles to boots, backpacks and binoculars;
  • inter-platform communications between ground teams, IPZs and involved organisations;
  • surveillance aircraft for various air support and ecological management roles; 
  • tracker dog units to follow up on breaches of reserve borders and from incidents of poaching;
  • equine units to provide greater mobility on patrols and in working with dogs following up on incidents;
  • technology, such as satellite tracking collars; night vision cameras and binoculars; drones and directional monitors;
  • intelligence data collection, analysis and distribution on a multi agency platform.

Critical to this objective is the establishment of a centralised information, communications and operations control system based within the ARCC from which the full range of protection measures can be coordinated and which can provide a locus for cooperation and collaboration for all the participants and stakeholders in wildlife conservation.

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